About Frances

Frances studied English Literature and Art History before teaching for a year in Italy where she fell in love with design. A graduate of Environmental Design at the Ontario College of Art and Design, Frances has worked in architectural offices since 2003, most recently at Quadrangle Architects. She consults for Roundabout Studio on colour, textiles and technical writing. Frances teaches at OCADU in Environmental Design. She is a partner in Necessary Arts Company, a creative co-woring space in downtown Guelph, where she paints.

Frances's visual work is either figurative or abstract landscape. The common subject is imagined memory. Future, past and fantasy have equal weight. The lens of nostalgia casts a foggy dream-like appearance. The subtext comments on play, pastime and gender. In this vision, figures are simplified or distorted so as to emphasize gesture as if in a memory.

"All of my dreams fall and form a bridge of memory where I can get back."

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