Interested in custom piece of artwork? I would love to paint something for you. Something personally yours that resonates with your experience and your home. Buying artwork can be challenging: hard to find the right piece, the right size, the right price ...... I can help you with this process.


- I'll work with you to decide on a size, colours and subject matter.

- I will work from your photos to capture your favourite people or places. Whether you are looking for a portrait or landscape, dig up your best photos to share with me.

- I will give you a quotation to review.

- I will provide a digital image of approximately what the artwork will look like in your home.

- We will discuss framing and delivery options.


A variety of sizes are available depending on your space and budget. Pricing is roughly as follows:

12x12 $175 CDN

16x20 $400

24x24 $600

30x40 $1300

36x60 $1800

Other sizes will be quoted specifically.

- Once the price is agreed, you submit a 50% deposit, and I get to work! I'll send you images of the work in progress. The completed piece will be available between 4 and 6 weeks later, plus delivery time.

-  The remaining balance is paid on delivery.

For questions regarding custom artwork and pricing please contact me:

frances [at]

519 362 0831

or come visit at my studio inside Necessary Arts Company